Phase One of "Gerevivify The Algorithm & Elixir".. THE FORTIFICATION...

  {This is the beginning, the Fortification and filtration and the analysis of the soils. The entire bulk of the field must be removed and the soil balanced from the top soil to the middle and on to the very bottom layers of the soil all being made properly blended for exact nutrient development throughout the years.  Many if not all agriculturalists only condition the top soil of any land and use the wrong fertilization methods. But starting a field of Fruit trees with merely the top soil conditioned leaves a very uncertain future for the type of matter entering the trees and the fruit there of. So as to be certain of the same make up of elemental and microbiome level of the land to where this condition will last for eons to come. One must make the land perfect to depths much beyond the conventional or now used organic methods and conditioning processes..} 

  The Soils across the earth for the most part cannot be used due to the infection/infestation/and the many poisons that permeates the soil/earth.. We must balance the nutrients {removing the bad and adding the good} and the microbiome / pro-biotics for the land must be balanced so as to be suitable for the growth of the WHAT??? The Live Stock and the Trees / orchards needed for food. 

{The soil that is treated must be done so to great depths {Literally removed from the lots and taken to the treatment facilities to be balanced and returned to the land.} So the roots of the trees never reach deep into unprocessed land for decades, that will be beneath the treated farmlands. They the grounds/soils must be so well treated so they may remain/stay treated for many years without alteration of the soil properties taking place due to the environment exposure which takes place naturally to all lands on earth due to pollution and rain fall helping said pollution enter the grounds.} 

 Any of the ingredients to be used as part of the Gerevivify Elixir and Specialized diet must be grown by these highly specialized methods.. If not eating Gerevivify Processed foods while taking the Gerevivify Elixir the disease will remain in the human Race/Body.. There are only certain microbes that will be allowed to stay in the soil and only certain minerals and elements. Any not specified by the Gerevivify Methodology will be removed, or any of the proper elements and minerals missing from the lands will be instilled into the land so to have the perfect balance required for the growth of the Astounding Elixir ingredients, and for the growing of the amazing dietary non-restricted foods to be eaten on the Algorithm.. Between the two ingested by Woman/Man the aged will be healed, and the young fortified never to grow old... 

It is at first a very lengthy procedure to ready the lands.. But after being done so the benefits that will arise from it will much out weight the efforts taken to ensure the High quality nutrient packed stabilized environment necessary to begin to bring stability to the Human body...

{No foods on earth are or have been Grown properly. The Conventional method by the agriculture industry, or by the Organic farmers of earth. Not one nation growing food products any where near properly, and the majority eating 80% of the wrong diet/foods. None knowing what to eat, or how to culture their foods until now with the Gerevivify Algorithm. Which has been found in the combined Data of Mankind. And is the only way the Species of Life on earth called the Homo Sapien can be made Immortal/have extended lives. The only way is through the Gerevivify growing and processing of the nutrients required by mankind, and for the growing of the ingredients for the Astounding Elixir we also call Gerevivify.}

For those involved in the establishment of the Company from the Investors/Partners to the chemists and botanists to the agricultural workers and the Families of the same. We will be eating the proper foods much sooner, and the proper Elixir much more quickly.. And ours will be grown under an even stricter environmental condition that will bring forth a food source unrivaled or ever imagined could exist on earth.. Many of the ingredients of the ELIXIR OF LIFE GEREVIVIFY must be grown indoors. Inside climate controlled hot houses that will also be growing foods that are even more fortifying and more healing and nutritious than any we can grow in the exterior environment of the earth.

To grow indoors the food for the entire earth would be impossible right away.. But many decades down the road I can see it taking place.. But the matter and ingredients for the Formula and the foods grown in the fields of "Gerevivify the Corporation" will be enough to heal the aged and fortify all who consume them just not as quickly due to still having certain contaminates from being exposed to uncontrolled conditions from the open air and certain insects and the like.. 

 Only at first as we know and understand there will be costs that must be met. For a return and a very lucrative profit on and for the major investments of the partners and investors. To purchase the foods that will be grown by this extensive process will be naturally much higher at first than your average foods obtained at the corner store in America or even at the most exclusive markets of our nation.. But after a few decades it will be all that is sold I hope around America and any other nation that joins our efforts..  

 We of the Gerevivify Corporation and family and customers will have the most prime meats, and fruits, and vegetables {yet, only those foods known by AEWR that are not harmful to the body. Those class of foods that literally infect us with the plague all life on earth have that we have called aging, and is now known by AEWR as the Pandemic Sensonic plague effecting all Life forms that exist on earth. And is the reason Woman/mankind has not realized we were in the midst of a horrible pandemic. Due to all life/species on earth being effected by it.} There are many many species of plants and animals that cannot be eaten no matter how they are grown due to the origin of the species.  

  So we will be eating the only diet available to help stop aging due to our process. No one on earth will be eating foods that are actually healing for the body other than those who become invested in this now future of Life on earth.  The future investors and the future customers will soon be eating so well and perfectly along with the Elixir that cures the already aged body, and heals us of the Plague. We will soon be rejuvenated, actually evolving into beings that could be called the Re-Genesis of Woman/Man. We becoming the Nucleus of the new creature on earth we here at AEWR have dubbed MegaMan

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