Friday, March 10, 2017


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The Founders of this Centuries biological Science were very zealous and wanted to answer big questions with little Data. Using what is now considered crude microscopes and bad laboratories that were truly incapable of in-depth chemical analysis. They were fielding questions from the worlds media outlets to feed the demand for information on their research and on what the research was finding. Asking them for conclusions they were nowhere near ready or able to give. Yet, the past researchers made powerful statements and wrote and developed textbooks for future generations of biologists to go by, that was flawed in so many ways teaching generation after generation pseudoscience, that each generation added to, based on the original conclusions from misinformed scholars and scientists, causing what can only be said to be, lost generations.

As you will see in the Article and scientific paper LINKS I now give BELOW. Science has thru out History had to change the procedures and systems in science. To bring science into the Light of facts. Instead of being in the darkness of conjecture. As shown on the website at Adam and Eve {Data} Word Research in many posts. Our founders wanted to hurry science. And they did so, hurried us right past many crucial areas in biological science by giving outlandish statements such as bacteria and mankind live in symbiosis. When every sickness, every disease, every pandemic Plague is and has been caused by bacteria, or microbes of some sort. From viruses to bacteria to fungus and yeast. Many sicknesses that have ended the lives of now countless human beings, yet, they were suddenly declared our Life partners for existence. 

Only, science bypassed that very clear fact and stated that mankind cannot live without bacteria??? Now some even stating we cannot live without nanobacteria, and some even say without viruses we would not be the species of Life we are today??? No bacteria, the prokaryotic villains of earth, are not only the cause of many of the known diseases of the earth. They are that which causes us to Decompose/age while we live. {Along with all other microbes, yeast being part of that cause.} The eukaryotic toxins made by yeast are part of the reason our cells die each day and must be replaced by the human somatic cell system. The many poisons/toxins made that they kill us and even killing their bacterial neighbors with. Are part of the massive infection we mankind have called aging and AEWR has named The Senesonic/Sensonic Pandemic Plague that infects all Eukaryotic bio cells on earth. A disease that causes our cells to individually die each day premature death due to the massive infection man has again called aging.

We at AEWR have found the causes and the Cure for aging. And did so by examining historical and present-day data of past researchers who observed and documented research studies-subjects. To where their visual data was correct, but, their conclusions to said data was far from correct. AND you can examine this Blog/Webpage and learn more about the causes and Learn more about the Cure Gerevivify the Algorithm and Serum Elixir in the 1st post, below this posting. We have an added page to this blogspot. The link is at the bottom of this Paragraph. Which helps you begin to see what and how extensive Gerevivify the Algorithm is. There are 4 phases to Gerevivify. The first three will now heal those who have aged. The 4th Stage of the Cure is an amazing transformation, helping bring us into literal centuries of Life. The human somatic cell cycle is designed as such. That once we remove the disease we have called aging. We stop decomposing and begin to rejuvenate. LINK TO: GEREVIVIFY PHASE ONE THE FORTIFICATION:   

HERE ARE SOME LINKS serving as an example how science can function while only being 60% correct in many areas. But to cure ourselves of aging, we must remove all hearsay and conjecture and work only with 100% facts. That have been extracted from the Vortex that scientific papers and research Data have become now over these many eras. With pure facts, the whole picture can be seen..

                    {A Four-minute video speaking on the clandestine secretive toxins of aging the decomposer disease that decomposes Woman/Mankind while they live and breath}

THE REASON SCIENCE IS BASICALLY STABLE IS DUE TO CORE PRINCIPALS SUCH AS MATH AND ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY BEING VERY SOUND AND THEY STILL ARE HITTING AND MISSING ON SOME CYLINDERS. MATH SYSTEMS HAVING EVEN BEEN CHANGED SEVERAL TIMES BY SCIENCE.. Beyond that, science has changed theories and principals in many areas. Such as medicine and the causes and cures for many sicknesses.. IN SOME OF THE MOST GRIEVOUSLY bad science, was when searching for the causes and the cures for disease and speaking before absolute evidence was found causing a domino effect on biology and all of science research.

 Beliefs that existed for centuries proved wrong, or, not including all factors such as in the case of medical science once believing all illnesses were air born and were not contracted by any other method.. Even ulcers being seen as not bacterial, only caused by mental stress and the like.. BUT in biology today, in this past century and a half.  There has now been a misconception that has cost generations of needless deaths, due to the pandemic plague called aging, caused by what science now teaches us is our friendly gut garden, when it is a dangerous jungle of murdering animals. Says Antony Van Leeuwenhoek. 

Those that rule the associations and the Universities in any epoch in time, those who have written books based on the bad data conclusions from the past. Are in every generation the wall that must be hurdled. They being the sounding voice saying they are wrong I am right. But they are also always that which finally change the misconstrued ideas, but again, also the same who demand them to be adhered to many years past their being proven wrong??? Doing all they can before their death to not have been seen as mistaken in their conclusions.  The works as ours today so often must include the findings of researchers data from the past that was badly off-center from fact.  So this generation is near innocent. And the great men and Women of Science today who are those that first say. I based my writings on Big Data, that was also bad data, admitting error and changing the mistakes.. We now have the Cure at hand and the causes found. By searching thru past data and realizing what is and who made mistakes. It is time for Gerevivify the Algorithm the found healer for those who have aged. Respect rodney paul berry & LINK: AEWR - ADAM AND EVE {DATA} WORD RESEARCH: I SEARCH FOR PARTNERS AND INVESTORS TO JOIN ME IN THE NOW CURE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE AGED - LINK: AEWR - INVESTMENT AND INFORMATION SITE: